Ryan Taibel

Vice President, Sales & Marketing at P&O Cruises and Cunard

We've engaged Henry and his agency a number of times on a range of projects over the past few years. Henry and his team are exceptionally talented and they have delivered exceptional work for our brand - every single time.


Henry is an absolute pleasure to work with, he's a gentleman and a world-class communicator. 


Daniel Flynn

Co-founder, Managing Director at Thankyou

Henry is a visionary, master storyteller and true creative. His secret sauce is a mixture of his incredible gift in story telling & epic vision, willingness to push the boundaries, take risks and jedi level creative problem solving on the restrictions that every project has.


We are so beyond grateful for the moments in our story that Henry has contributed to.


Chloe Lawrence-Hartcher

Senior Brand Partner at Trout Creative

Henry and the Taste Team are exceptional storytellers who you can rely on to bring your video, animation and creative projects to life. They are true creative and strategic partners, working with you to find the best (not just the easiest) outcome for your brand or campaign. It's also an absolute highlight that they're experts at inclusive production, so if your story calls for diversity/inclusion (they all should!) you can trust that appropriate and meaningful consultation will take place. Always a joy to work with!


Henry is also a powerful and inspiring leader who keeps the team alive with brilliant analogies, playful Disney references and spades of wisdom. A leader who's wise beyond his years.


Jane Macdonald

Marketing Manager at Australian Volunteers

Henry is an extraordinary young Australian film-maker. He has vision, he has a positive mindset and he makes the impossible happen everyday.


You won’t meet a nicer guy too. Henry is a rising star, no doubt about it.


Mickey McDermott

Head of Content and Engagement Strategy at Circa Healthcare

We worked with Henry on a tough challenge; making a somewhat dry business strategic planning topic into an engaging video. He and team did so with flying colours, creating a captivating animation that broke a complex topic down into digestible pieces and delivered them using an entertaining animated character and imagery that made the concepts more approachable and enjoyable to learn. On top of all this,  Henry and his colleagues are a delight with which to work.


I recommend them highly for any type of interactive communication or engagement project.


Joff Stevens

Executive Manager Strategic Marketing

Henry and his company did some work for us creating a brand film. From the get go, working with the team was a pleasure - and the defining qualities were creativity and fun.


They knocked our socks off.


Jeremy Willmott

Creative Director at The Hallway

I've had the pleasure of working with Henry and the Taste crew for many months helping bring to life some of Google's best business case studies through film. It was an intense process of unearthing stories through interviews and crafting scripts that were both emotive and relevant to the brand. Henry is adept at unearthing these stories which he does by building solid relationships with the subjects of his films. 


Henry is a master storyteller and I'd have no hesitation working with him on my future projects.


Diane Utatao

Diversity & Inclusion Manager at Australia Post

To bring an inclusive story to life – Henry is my go-to person! Collaborating on the ‘Real Stories’ project at Australia Post highlighted Henry’s pure genius - turning an idea into a well-crafted campaign that drew in thousands of supporters both internal and external to the organisation.


Henry is the real deal - he is authentic, creative, smart and cares about the work he does and the people he works with.